Art Island Notebook

Hirodai Visits Naoshima

今月、広島大学の学生たちが直島に訪れ、島についての観光、移住者、インフラ、地場産品、芸術、産業などの分野調査を行いました。This month, students from Hiroshima University visited Naoshima to conduct fieldwork, studying the island’s tourism, in-migrants, infrastructure, local products, art, and industry.

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Inujima, the Art Island

Once home to as many as 4,000 people, Inujima is down to only a few dozen elderly inhabitants. It’s also a major art tourism destination. This second life has complicated the story of Inujima’s decline, though whether this is for the better is a matter of debate.

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Origin Myths

For generations the residents of Naoshima drew their water out of wells. There was a problem, however: the water smelled terrible. So Chikatsugu Miyake, mayor of Naoshima, invited the mayor of the nearby city of Tamano to the island, and served him tea.

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Naoshima, the Art Island

What is an art island? Can such a thing really exist? And what is it like to live on one? Naoshima’s interwoven identities defy easy classification—as with anything worth looking at, the closer you get, the more complex the island becomes.

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