Tours: Photographing Architecture and Landscapes on Naoshima

Photographer Greg Hann at Valley Gallery on Naoshima.

By Andrew McCormick

Naoshima is a popular destination for photography; its unique mix of art, architecture, and nature offers plentiful opportunities for great pictures. For many, it's enough simply to walk around on their own and snap photos of the popular sights. But for others, having a local expert to show them around is the key to better results.

Last week, Australian photographer Greg Hann visited Naoshima, and we took him on a one-day tour around Naoshima. Greg had two priorities for the trip: beautiful architecture and winter seascapes. We plotted a course that included both, renting e-bikes and visiting the island's fishing port areas and a few out-of-the-way beaches, as well as art spaces that permit photography. (On Naoshima, some museums prohibit photography, which can be frustrating if photography is your goal.)

A photograph of the University of Melbourne from 2020 by Greg Hann. © gjhimaging

During the tour, Greg pointed out that the benefits of having a local guide are not limited to insider knowledge. Having us worry about the schedule and navigation let him put more of his attention into the photography itself. After a day of scouting and shooting, we provided Greg with an annotated map that he could use over the next several days while he returned to the spots we'd visited for more dedicated shooting.

If you're a photographer planning a visit to the art islands, consider hiring an Art Island Center guide to assist you. We can make an itinerary based on your interests, whether on Naoshima or other nearby islands. We can also provide guidance on weather, transportation, permissions, and other necessary information. Contact us at

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