VIDEO ► Art Island Center's research director Meng Qu introduces himself and discusses his work on the Seto Inland Sea islands.

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Recent Academic Articles & Book Chapters

Qu, M., He, Y., McCormick, A. D., & Funck, C. (2022). Diagnosing uneven revitalisation outcomes among aging communities in Japan’s island art festival. In E. Papoutsaki & S. S. Niaah (Eds.), Island art and music festivals. UWI Press. [In press]

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Qu, M. (2018). Regional Revitalization or Art Festival Tourism? 2015-2018 Setouchi Triennale Community Fieldwork Notes [地域复兴还是艺术节观光? 2015-2018年濑户内三年展社区田野调查手记], Public Art. (Chinese) [Link]

Recent Academic Publications - Other

Qu, M. (2019). Book Review: Ten Innovative Ideas of Land Art Festival: How to Revitalize the Community by Japanese Rural Art Festival [大地艺术节的十个创新思想:日本乡村艺术节如何振兴社区?]. Public Art. (Chinese) [Link]

Qu, M. (2019). Interview: After the Intervention of Art in the Countryside - A Study of Setouchi Triennale [艺术介入乡村之后—“濑户内三年展”在地研究]. Contemporary Artist. (Chinese)