Study Tours

Price: Varies
Languages available: English, Mandarin Chinese
Dates: Available year-round; please inquire

Art Island Center study tours are topic-focused group tours of Naoshima and neighboring islands. The immersive, two- or three-day tours are intended for international visitors seeking a deep-dive experience on the islands, learning about the history of Setouchi contemporary art, “art island” landscapes and architecture, local creativity and enterprise, and community revitalization and sustainability. What is the current situation on the islands? How did things get to where they are today? What might we expect in the future? And how could this relate to other contexts around the world?


This program is open to all, but particularly targeted toward educators, academics, policymakers, public and nonprofit employees and officials, as well as artists and creative professionals. Tours for classes of university students are also available. Tours take place on Naoshima as well as either Inujima or Teshima. Visits to major and minor art sites and other island landmarks serve to weave together a complex and illuminating portrait of the islands. Tours are tailored to the interests and backgrounds of the group, and generally include daytime excursions, presentations, opportunities to meet locals, and shared meals prepared at the Naoshima Hall kitchen.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please send an email to


日期:全年可用; 请具体咨询

艺术岛中心游学是直岛和邻近岛屿的主题小团体旅游。 为期两天或三天的沉浸式旅游专为寻求深入跳岛体验的国际游客而设计,帮助游客了解濑户内当代艺术的历史、“艺术岛”景观和建筑、本土创意和当地企业以及社区振兴和可持续性发展。 岛上的现状是什么样的? 艺术岛是如何发展到今天这样的面貌的? 未来我们可以期待些什么? 这又如何与世界各地的其他环境相关联?


该项目对所有人开放,特别针对教育工作者、学者、政策制定者、公共和非营利组织的雇员和官员,以及艺术家和创意专业人士。 还提供针对大学生的班级旅行。 旅游涉及直岛、犬岛或者丰岛。 参观各种艺术场所和其他岛屿艺术地标有助于将岛屿的复杂而富有启发性的内容编织在一起。 旅游是根据团体的兴趣和背景量身定制的,通常包括日间游览、学术研修讲座、与当地人对谈的机会,以及在直岛大厅厨房准备的共享餐点。