Shipping policy




「バーゲンブック "とは、私たちが格安で購入した絶版本のことです。通常、裏表紙に赤いシールが貼られています。バーゲンブックは、通常、非常に良い状態ですが、まれに小さな欠陥がある場合があります。






Book information

Books for sale on our online store are on the shelves in our shop. In some situations, new books may have slight shelf wear. If we notice any defects, we will contact you before shipment. If we have multiple copies of a book, we will ship you the book in best condition. If you require a shrink-wrapped book, please contact us before purchasing and we will let you know if one is available. (We unwrap one copy of books for customers to examine; additional copies are kept wrapped. This is generally only an issue for art books.)

The condition of used books is usually listed on the product page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

"Bargain books" are out-of-print books we buy at a discount. They usually have a red sticker on the back cover. Bargain books are usually in excellent condition but may occasionally have minor defects.

Our store is located in an old house. During the rainy season and summer, you may receive books with wavy pages. In such cases, please leave the book in a dry room with a weight on top of it (such as a stack of books) for a few days, and it will return to normal. If this does not fix the problem, please contact us.

Shipping information

We usually ship orders the next day. Sometimes items take as long as three days to ship. If we expect delays, we will contact you.

We pack items carefully. When possible, we use recycled packaging and padding materials to minimize waste.

We do our best to keep our shipping prices current, but international shipping costs are constantly changing. In some circumstances, if the actual shipping cost is significantly more than what was charged, we may cancel the order. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.